Antillana since its birth understood that its activity had to support a global vision of the markets.Our partners, both clients and suppliers, are present on all 5 continents. This fact makes logistics the cohesive axis.

Our experience in the Logistics field has made this service one of the milestones of Antillana’s success. The resources of Antillana to provide this service are centralized in Spain and coordinated with Panama and La Habana through integral management systems based on intelligent transportation management that enables a continuous freight traceability.



Zona Portuaria del Prat. Lote 55

10.000 m2


Muelle de Poniente. Lote 122

30.000 m2


Plaza Puerto, 58

22.000 m2

Panama City

Zona Libre, Colón, Lote No. 18-A-1, Manzana 18-A

25.000 m2